The Original Pleat 'N Go!™ Pleater Board Kit

Don't Waste Hours Pleating

If you've ever had to make pleats in your fabric, lace or ribbon this is probably how you did it:

  • You stood over an ironing board with a very hot steam iron
  • Had lots of steel sewing pins ready
  • Collected several measuring tapes or rulers
  • Grabbed your fabric markers and...
  • Had some vinegar and water mixed up in a spray bottle

You measured your fabric and then carefully marked it; you did this for as big an area as you wanted to pleat. After marking all of it, you started to 'fold' the pleats into your fabric based on those marks you made, remembering to use lots of steel pins to hold all the pleats in place. Then grab your iron and carefully press/steam the pleats into place, watching out for the pins and burned fingertips. Spray lightly with the vinegar-water mixture and press again. Remove all the pins and check to see how even (oh please) your pleats are. Don't look at the clock!

The Pleat 'N Go! Way

The Pleat 'N Go! will allow you to make those pleats fast-and-easy with no more burned fingertips.

  1. Get the Pleat 'N Go pleater board kit and put it together. This will take you about an hour; no serger or special machine needed
  2. Grab your fabric and completed Pleat 'N Go kit, and head to the ironing board
  3. Decide which way you want to pleat your fabric, play around, there are no rules here
  4. Pleat this first section of fabric - will take you under a minute
  5. Press. You can use all the steam you want, the pleater board is almost indestructible and will last for many, many, many years
  6. If you want permanent pleats fuse on a stabilizer, such as fusible tricot, before 'popping' the fabric out of the pleater board
  7. Repeat until all your fabric is pleated, now go back to sewing, quilting, or crafting.

Is It Really that Easy?

It's really that easy! No one wants to waste a lot of time doing prep-work before you can actually get into the real project, and when you're talking about making pleats, that's a lot of time.

The Pleat N' Go, 'quick and easy' pleater board kit, was created from our own personal frustrations, and quite honestly it's saved not only hours-and-hours of time, but a fair amount of our sanity as well.

We have a great step-by-step visual of just how easy it is to use our Pleat 'N Go pleater board, How to Make Pleats, and here are some FAQ's to answer more of your questions.

One more thing, if you need to do a lot of yardage pleating, we strongly suggest you contact a company that does pleating. While these pleater boards work great, we don't think they would be a good idea for a really large pleating job.