Order Your Pleat 'N Go™ Pleater Board Kit Now!

You can use our pleater board with light and medium weight fabrics, ribbons, laces and even paper! By skipping rows, you can also spread the pleats further apart in 1/4" segments.

With the Pleat 'N Go! you can easily create special collars accents, yokes, cuffs, pocket flaps, plackets....

For those of you that do heirloom-style sewing, you can also create the starting point for shark's teeth designs, and fold-&-stitch pleats.


Our Pleat 'N Go™ Kit includes:

  • All stabilizers
  • Top fabrics (may vary in color from photo)
  • Base fabrics
  • Fusing medium
  • Poly slating roll
  • Full instructions
  • Finished size: 10" x 15"
  • Time to make: 1 hour

Use a lightweight, flexible interfacing such as fusible tricot, to hold your pleats in place permanently.

Pleat 'N Go Kit

Our Pleat 'N Go! pleater board has been created from high-quality materials and will last for a great many years.

Pleat 'N Go Pleater Board Kit - Made in the USA
Fusible Tricot Interfacing

100% polyester tricot fusible interfacing. Cross-wise stretch for terrific soft shaping and drapability. Use with light to medium weight wovens and knits.

Fusible Tricot

We use this to make our pleats permanent: it holds the pleats without sacrificing feel. Pleats can stretch, but won't release! 1 yard x 20".

Fusible Tricot Interfacing


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